Those who work in the commerce sector know how important it is to have a connection in their stores in order to develop the full potential of their sales network and maintain a relationship with their customers. Euro Broadband services can make a real difference in the banking sector, allowing branches to be opened and to provide ATM services even in remote and rural areas, to participate in local events with temporary and/or mobile installations and to always have a backup connection in areas covered by terrestrial connections; in the automotive sector to maintain a high organizational efficiency across all production and distribution centers, but also to be able to implement functions that can augment the driving experience via a constant connection with the car manufacturer. Not to mention all the advantages for franchising: from restaurant chains to service stations, Euro Broadband helps to ensure access to all your outlets and monitor their activities independently from where they are located, and also to implement, for example, digital signage inside the store and in public places or a dedicated in-store radio.

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