A Wi-Fi network that does not depend upon a fixed connection. With Euro Broadband it is easy to make Internet access available in an area via Wi-Fi, even where it has no cable connection, and it does not require a large investment nor a lengthy procedure. In fact, to connect it is enough to install an antenna that communicates with the KA-SAT satellite and then deploy the Wi-Fi network in the way that best suits your needs: within a restricted area like a tourist facility (hotel, mountain hut, beach) or a wider one, like a whole village. An opportunity that can significantly change the quality of life, or of the tourist experience, where traditional operators are not available.


Recommended Product

pro 50

50 GB
30/6 Mbps
512/512 Kbps
Static IP
Business Hour Protection
Always available Minimum bandwidth
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Discover the Euro Broadband solution for creating a Wi-Fi network without connecting to any terrestrial network.


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