The ability to have uninterrupted and safe access to remote data, regardless of local networks. One of the main needs of those working in different countries, or in areas where an Internet connection is not present, is to have constant access to internal data without any restrictions in order to have a private channel to exchange sensitive information and communicate securely and instantly with all business units. Thanks to the broadband connection provided by Euro Broadband you can configure VPN networks in satellite mode that are reserved for a group of users as an extension of an already existing VPN system, extending its transmission capacity, performance and services. The Euro Broadband Internet connection has already been tested and certified compatible with the solutions offered by Mikrotik, Encore Networks and OneAccess. New solutions to guarantee the service with as many suppliers as possible are always being tested.


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pro 50

50 GB
30/6 Mbps
512/512 Kbps
Static IP
Business Hour Protection
Always available Minimum bandwidth
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