A broadband service that is always connected when other networks stop working. Today more and more companies need to be constantly connected to the Internet in order to complete business transactions with partners at all times, to share information or documents, or to simply provide a service to their customers. In these cases an Internet outage may have a serious impact on productivity and on the rapport with clients, or even cause financial losses. To guard against this possibility, many companies enter into contracts with multiple Internet providers (ISPs). This technique, however, does not protect against malfunctions of the last section of cables that connect directly to the final customer and is shared by all the Internet providers. Furthermore, relying on 3G/4G mobile services is also not possible everywhere. In rural areas with poor coverage, the bandwidth provided by these services is barely enough to support basic operations like the exchange of emails or voice traffic.
Euro Broadband offers the first elastic and reliable backup service that allows companies to retain full functionality during any interruption of terrestrial connectivity.


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pro 25

25 GB
30/6 Mbps
512/512 Kbps
Static IP
Business Hour Protection
Always available Minimum bandwidth
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