A mobile backhaul solution that is complementary to mobile and terrestrial networks thanks to satellite coverage. With Euro Broadband you can connect the access network (BTS antennas) with the transport network even if the antennas are not reachable by cable, all you need is a Euro Broadband dish pointed at the KA-SAT satellite. Euro Broadband is the perfect solution for all telecommunication companies and mobile network operators who wish to expand their customer base and meet the growing demand from existing and potential customers for a data connection that is available everywhere and always on. In fact, the satellite makes it possible to connect any cell with the core network, providing an alternative backhaul system that is independent from the terrestrial connection. With new active BTS antennas the telecommunication operator can reach new users on its 3G/4G network and obtain an incremental source of revenue that repays the investment in the satellite kit.


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pro 200

200 GB
50/10 Mbps
3000/1000 Kbps
Static IP
Business Hour Protection
Always available Minimum bandwidth
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