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Home 30 - Standard

Quick, reliable, affordable Internet

Euro Broadband 30
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30 GB / month

Speed up to 15/3 Mbps

If you do not have a large family, Home 30 is perfect for your needs! Discover the quickest, most affordable high-speed Internet-by-satellite solution, for all your everyday Internet needs.


Navigate without consuming GB during the night (from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m.)


Peak Rate
Peak rate Download : up to 15 Mbps ; Peak rate Upload : up to 3Mbps.
Maximum speed, expressed in megabits per second. This speed may vary over time and be lower particularily during periods of high network traffic.

Monthly Allowance
Monthly Allowance : up to 30 GB.
Volume of data included in your monthly subscription, expressed in gigabytes (transmission + reception).

Euro Broadband kit
To use the service, you need to have a connection kit supporting Eutelsat KA-SAT 9° East satellite. The Satellite Kit is available for purchase or lease for the duration of your subscription. In the latter case it remains the sole and exclusive property of Eutelsat.

See the conditions applied by our authorised distributors.

VOIP telephony
Our authorized distributors may offer phone services using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) through the Euro Broadband connection. For prices refer to the specific conditions of each distributor.

The prices are defined by authorized distributors. Contact us.

Reduced Peak rate
Once you reach the volume of data (Gigabytes) included in your subscription (total upload+download), your speed will be limited to 256 Kbit/s download and 256 Kbit/s upload, until the reset date of your offer, without interrupting your connection.

Network management policy
To ensure a fair distribution of network capacity, some restrictions could be applied in case of abuse by individual users and only during peak hours.


A Euro Broadband kit is the best equipment solution, with:
• real high-speed Internet receiving up to 50 Mbps and sending up to 6 Mbps,
• a small parabolic antenna,
• a modem.

You may lease or buy the Euro Broadband kit. It will be delivered to your home and you can install it yourself or have it installed by a professional.
Download up to
50 Mbps
Euro Broadband 30

High-speed Internet up to
50 Mbps in reception
6 Mbps in emission

Internet available everywhere

Julie, Thomas and their daughter Audrey, a young schoolgirl, from Elmore in Gloucestershire

A plus for studies

Living in a rural community is not always simple. For example, we need to drive our daughter to school every day, a distance of fifteen miles. Here there are only a few fun things to do for the children and opportunities for them to learn and grow. Therefore, to have Tooway Internet is like opening a window to the world, and this is a real plus for their education. The other day our daughter received an excellent grade for an art presentation because she could virtually “visit” several museums in France, Italy and the United States. She is also connected, almost daily, by email, with her German pen-pal correspondent in Berlin, who will come to visit us this summer. So my husband and I take German lessons, again thanks to the Internet, on a very good website that offers German classes. Internet is the link and access to knowledge. Today, who can do without it?

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