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Satellite internet in the UK

The most common internet connection technologies in the UK are ADSL and fibre optic broadband. However, there is another cost-effective, easy-to-use solution: satellite broadband.
How does it work? Tips and advice on how to get the best out of this technology.

So-called “blackspots” are areas that have never been equipped with telephones, due to a lack of equipment and exchanges.
These days, no telephone line means no internet.

In 2013, having no access to the internet can make like extremely difficult. However, satellite internet offers a way to receive high-speed internet in your area.
Once installed, you will receive a service that delivers exceptional value for money.

Installation starts with the satellite dish: the key piece of equipment
In order to get high-speed satellite internet access in the UK, it is essential to have a specific equipment that is properly set up.
Equipment installed outdoors: a satellite dish with transmitter/receiver (also known as an LNB) and wired connections.

Inside your home you will require a modem, just like any other type of high-speed internet connection.
Satellite internet works on the same principle as satellite TV:
You need to point your dish in the direction of the satellite used by your Internet Service Provider.
Be careful not to block the signal between your dish and the satellite with physical obstacles such as a tree or a high wall.
You should also avoid using excessively long wires (between the dish and the modem) – the longer the cable, the weaker the connection.

Tips and advice on using browsers
Satellite internet in the UK means that you can browse online at high speeds.
However, the default settings of browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox are not optimised for high-speed connections.
As is often the case, Firefox is the most versatile browser in terms of optimisation.
We will therefore focus on Firefox.
Use the “Fasterfox” add-on, which can be downloaded from the platform.
Easy to install: click the green “Install” button.
Once installed go to “Tools”, “Extensions” and click “Options”
On the “Presets” page, select “Turbo charged” to optimise Firefox for satellite internet browsing.

Whether you are located in a blackspot or not, satellite internet in the UK will give you a better service quality and higher speeds than so-called “traditional” connections. What’s more, by optimising Firefox as recommended, you will enjoy exceptional browsing and download speeds.

If you have any other questions, please see our Euro Broadband FAQs