Internet in your country house

Internet access in rural holiday homes


Rural holiday homes are often located far from major towns and cities, making high-speed internet access a real problem. Satellite internet now offers a genuine solution to this problem.


For many people in the UK, the dream of owning a holiday home is now a reality. Many of these homes are located in remote areas of countryside, on the coast, in the mountains, or even on islands. Yet this peace and tranquillity comes at a cost – having to travel vast distances from towns and cities and major transport routes. While this is a worthwhile price to pay it often means that these homes are “disconnected” from the outside world, since very few of these areas have traditional wired connections, never mind fibre optic broadband.

Although it is important to remain connected, even when relaxing at a holiday house, the reality is that accessing high-speed internet in these locations is often impossible.


There is now a simple solution to this problem.

In fact, it is a solution that is already widely used in subscription TV services: satellite technology.

However, satellite internet has one essential advantage over satellite TV services: it offers a two-way connection. This two-way connectivity enables users to submit search and browsing queries and to send data (such as emails, holiday snaps and home automation data to remote electronic device control applications).

High-speed satellite internet also offers the guarantee of a stable, high-quality connection with high bandwidth speeds in both directions, both incoming (from the internet to your holiday home) and outgoing (from your home to the internet). This same guarantee applies irrespective of your location, i.e.satellite internet delivers the same speeds across the entire area of coverage.

If you’re looking to get internet access in the mountains, for example, satellite internet is the obvious choice.


Internet access at holiday homes

Satellite technology is a simple, effective and reliable way to connect to the internet in the mountains, in locations without access to traditional terrestrial infrastructure, or where such infrastructure does not offer high enough speeds for everyday use.


High-speed internet services (such as ADSL broadband) do not yet cover the entire UK, including low-lying areas. However, you can now get genuinely high-speed internet access at your holiday home.

By installing a satellite dish and a modem, you can get access to the internet irrespective of your location. This also means that your teenagers will have no problems joining you at your remote holiday home, as they will still be able to keep in touch with the outside world.