The alternative to the DSL

Alternative to terrestrial broadband


You will have seen a plethora of newspaper, radio and TV adverts for broadband internet offers, each claiming to be more attractive than the next. Yet this type of internet technology does not cover the whole of the UK. If your area is not covered, and your home is therefore ineligible for broadband, what are your alternatives? In this article, we look at how satellite internet is becoming more popular, and how it overcomes the limitations of terrestrial broadband services.


Areas without broadband coverage
According to the government, 98% of the UK has access to traditional broadband services. Although this may seem like an impressive figure, there are many people who live too far from their local exchange to benefit from broadband internet. These people are excluded from this figure. The vast majority of these locations are situated in rural areas. In the UK, there are hundreds of towns and villages located in these areas, known as “blackspots”.



Residents of these areas have three options. One is to turn to low-speed connections, which exclude users from accessing many of the features that the internet currently offers. Another option is to wait until WiMAX technology is installed in their area – a type of “super-Wi-Fi” that offers higher connection speeds. The best option is to switch to satellite broadband.


Satellite broadband

This is becoming an increasingly popular solution in remote locations, providing the residents of these areas with a simple and effective way to connect to the internet. What’s more, satellite internet is becoming ever more competitive in comparison with traditional broadband packages.

Satellite internet also has another benefit – users no longer require a telephone line. This is a real plus for people who have a mobile phone and no longer need a landline telephone to make calls.

Satellite technology means that people can install an internet connection at their holiday home in the country without additional connection costs. In many cases, satellite connections offer speeds that are even faster than traditional broadband connections.

If you are moving to an area without ADSL broadband, there’s no need to worry. You can now switch to a satellite connection instead. Contrary to what many people in the UK believe, a lack of broadband coverage is no longer a disaster. There is a genuine alternative to ADSL broadband.


Which package should I choose?

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